DNS Platform

We offer a managed anycast DNS platform free for domains registered with us. 


Please note that this is a DNS Only platform, you only use this if you do not have a web hosting account with us or you want to manually point your domain externally. 
If you need web hosting DNS please click here 

How to use 


  1. Log in to your NivaCity Clientzone on https://my.nivacity.com

  2. Select DNS from the left navigation as per the image below 

  3. From the DNS Page select Add Domain 

    DNS add domain

  4. Add your domain name, on the next page, type in the domain name and then choose either one of the following options 

    a) IP Address : Enter your IP address here if you know the IP address were your hosting or web app is hosted at
    b) I will add entries manually : If you want to add your IP addresses manually , choose this option 
    d) Import records from zone file
    c) Import records from a name server (AXFR) (Not recommended at the moment) , this is when you want to import the zones from another nameserver which is set to accept zone transfers to this one, not recommended for use at the moment
    d)Use premade DNS template : If you are using one of our web hosting services and you want to use this DNS manager instead of the DA manager , you can choose your server from these configs and it will automatically populate the zones using that servers configs 

  5. Now that you have added your domain, you can now proceed to customise it as you wish. 

Known Issues 

1) An error occured: Missing domain-name  : If you get this error , if means that your domain and DNS database failed to sync , please contact support to fix this for you. 

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